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    Founder Jessica Burt

    Jessica Burt - Founder

    Jessica Burt founded rePURPOSE in March of 2014, because of an overwhelming desire to do her part in the battle against human trafficking. She fell in love with The Exodus Road and Make Way Partners and created a way to raise money to support both of them. Jessica lives in northern NY with her husband and two young daughters. She also owns a full-time photography business and is extremely involved with her church and friends. She lives at the thrift store, loves making costumes and looks for any excuse to throw a party. You can follow her on instagram @jessicaburt10


    Artisan/Assistant Jen Thomas

    Jen Thomas - Artisan/Assistant

    Jen goes to school at FLSAOM and is working on a Master's Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She hopes to open a wellness clinic in the future and to work with the community to treat and educate the public on living a healthy life. She also plans to work with veterans, active duty military and their families. She lives in an old farmhouse with her husband, dog, three cats, chickens, two sheep and a goat. Working for rePURPOSE has opened her eyes to human trafficking, it's severity and how common it is in today's society. She continues to educate others about these issues and hopes it will bring change.